Intersection In 90221

This collection is about iconic silhouettes, over exaggerated details, my career through basketball and luxury textiles. I have always been inspired by my environment as well as classic tailoring, sports and the intersection between urban and modern design. I grew up playing sports which led me to compete at the collegiate and professional level in Europe and the NBA. Sportswear has always influenced me: style, cut, colors, etc. The desire to stand out as a creative individual amongst the team, especially when wearing the same uniforms, drove my interest in details early on.

In addition to athletics, the 90’s menswear aesthetic has always been interesting: I can distinctly think of images of 90’s ad executives in oversized coats, sweaters and loafers as well as the professional off the court attire of Michael Jordan which prompted me to design my own outerwear pieces for the modern man with classic taste.

The details of Italian tailoring influenced my creative process to produce pieces that showcase luxurious textiles including an array of cashmeres, suedes, silks, Alpaca and Shearling.

Finally, I grew up in Compton, CA but traveled and lived all over the world for my sport. Specifically, my time in France inspired me to create pieces that could be worn in everyday life, as French style is engrained in their culture and lifestyle effortlessly. I aspired to create essential wardrobe mainstays that could be worn to the market, the office and an extravagant event.

I taught myself the design process, how to source fabric and many of the other elements of starting and designing a brand. This entire experience, as well as seeing my vision come to life, is something I will cherish forever. I’m extremely excited to present my first collection: Intersection in 90221.

James ‘Patrick’ Christopher