SLOAN and BENNETT is a contemporary cut-and-sew atelier with a focus on men's luxury garments. Combining 1960’s tailoring and 1990’s athletics, the company personifies sophistication and class, outfitting the man who is classic, modern, and chic. SLOAN and BENNETT has re-imagined a luxury market in men's fashion and redefined it through culture, design details and meticulously curating the most refined textiles from Italy and France. The brand’s objective is constructing generational garments through ready-to-wear and bespoke offerings, while also highlighting the social impact and historical storytelling through collaboration.

Birthed in Compton, conceptualized in France, and constructed in Los Angeles—the name, SLOAN, and BENNETT is derived from the cross streets of the founder's childhood home in Compton, California, a home that his grandparents purchased in 1977. In their honor, he acquired the property in 2015 as his first piece of ownership. The name represents far more than just a brand or a cross street, it represents journeys, family legacy, and timeless simplicity.

The founder, James 'Patrick' Christopher, is a former professional basketball player whose career spanned 6 years in Europe and in the NBA. During his off-season in France, Patrick conceptualized his vision and later taught himself every element of the design process working with the finest pattern makers and tailors in Los Angeles. The brand’s garments are lined with purple silk which pays homage to the French national flower, the Fleur-de-lis, and his time spent in Cholet, France. In 2019, he stepped into his passion for design and textiles to launch SLOAN and BENNETT. He has garnered attention and visibility by hosting Loro Piana for an exclusive Trunk Show, in-store pop-ups at Neiman Marcus Tampa Bay, Florida and Paramus, New Jersey, collaborations with the likes of KLUTCH Sports, Bottom Bunk, Lot Stock, and Barrel, Rif Los Angeles and celebrating the legacy of Malcolm X. Though the brand’s roots are planted in Los Angeles, expansion to New York is on the horizon.