Sloan and Bennett is a luxury brand of outerwear garments. Our company has identified a specific market in men’s fashion and redefined it through culture, detail and luxurious fabric.

Outerwear has remained a staple in a gentleman’s wardrobe. It distinguishes style, class and function all in one effort. Securing fabric from the most illustrious mills in Italy and France, Sloan and Bennett creates the classic outerwear silhouettes, reimagined. Our brand tailors and prides itself in handmade craftsmanship, mixed with an urban influence-ultimately juxtaposed with detailed elegance.

The name of the brand derives from the cross streets of our founder’s childhood home in Compton, California. His grandparents purchased the property in 1977 and in 2015, he acquired the home to keep it in the family legacy. Sloan and Bennett represents location, journey traveled through sport, while the cross streets signify the intersection of timeless simplicity and luxury.

Outerwear is the last garment you put on, but the first thing people see—so let Sloan and Bennett embody your modern, classic first impression.