The Brand

SLOAN and BENNETT is a premier brand of men’s luxury garments and outerwear. A contemporary cut and sew atelier at the intersection of 1960's tailoring and 1990's athletics, the company personifies sophistication and class, outfitting the man who is classic, modern and chic. They have re-imagined a high-class market in men's fashion and redefined it through culture, design details and hand selecting the most luxurious textiles from Italy and France. In 2022, SLOAN and BENNETT hit Neiman Marcus stores.


Birthed in Compton. Conceptualized in France. Constructed in Los Angeles.

The name, SLOAN and BENNETT, derives from the cross streets of the founder’s childhood home in Compton, California, a home that his grandparents purchased in 1977 and in 2015, he acquired the home. The name represents far more than just a brand or a cross street, it represents journeys, family legacy and timeless simplicity.

The founder, James ‘Patrick’ Christopher, played professional basketball in Europe and in the NBA. In the off-season, Patrick conceptualized the vision of a luxury brand while living in France and taught himself every element of the design process. In 2019, he stepped into his passion for design and textiles and launched SLOAN and BENNETT.